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I recently used the site SquareMouth to get a quote for a single trip insurance quote. Squaremouth is similar to other insurance portals for auto, life, and health insurance that go out and compare 19 insurance providers available plans to get you the best match – only they focus on travel insurance.

The single trip travel insurance is ideal if you are taking a single trip of any length. It can include coverage for medical, evacuation and cancellation, and other benefits – you get to choose when you fill out the form for a quote online. They also can get you a quote for annual trip travel insurance which is good for frequent travelers planning multiple trips throughout a year.

When you go to the site and select the type of insurance quote you want, you will see a form similar to that below. Just fill-in where you’re going and for how long, how much it costs if you were to cancel, your age, number of people, etc.

Travel Insurance

You will be quickly provided with several quotes from different providers. You need to make sure you click on the policy detail link and make sure that you are getting what you want. For example, I didn’t care so much about incidental health issues (my plan covers me abroad), but I wanted to make sure emergency evacuation costs were included, and trip cancellation. I also did not concern myself with lost/stolen items so much since I try not to bring much of my expensive equipment with me, and those that I do are covered under my credit card policy.

The point is, each person will have their own needs during their trip and you should make sure that the quote includes the services you require. As you can see below, the prices varied by quite a bit.




I think that everyone should consider some sort of travel insurance before they leave, at least the emergency/disaster coverage.

P.S. – Another highly-rated travel insurance provider, especially for the long-term trip crowd, but is not included in the Squaremouth providers is World Nomads.

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  1. Michael says:

    My policy through squaremouth turned out to be a bait and switch. They even admitted to using multiple companies names for “marketing purpose” in order to hide the name of the real company you are dealing with because reviews are so poor. I know they sell more than one brand, but even that one I choose was not really the companies overseeing it.

    They claim they have a “zero complaint guarantee” and will resolved your claim “fairly” or remove the insurer from their site. I’m still waiting for that and for my claim.

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