Cheat Sheet for Panama City

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Cheat Sheet: Panama

Arrive in Panama City at Tocumen Airport (PTY).

  • Electricity 
    Voltage: 110-120 Volts (same as U.S./Canada); Electrical sockets/outlets in Panama are the same as the electrical outlets found in the United States.
  • Vaccinations (CDC Recommendations)
    Typhoid; Hepatitis A; and if going to Boca del Toro or jungle treks, consider Malaria and Yellow Fever
    Also, make sure your routine vaccinations, such as tetanus, MMR, polio and others are all up to date.
  • Visas and Departure Fee
    Valid passport and return ticket only for USA/Canada, $5 visa upon arrival; can stay up to 90 days.
    There is a seperately paid departure tax of $40 (as of this writing) but it is typically included to your plane ticket.
  • Money
    US Dollars; yes, they use American currency, although sometimes they will call it the Balboa but they are still dollars. If you are coming from a country other than the USA, change your money into dollars before you arrive since exchange rates tend to be quite bad.
  • Taxis 
    Like everywhere else the taxi drivers will try and rip you off. The taxi system is zone-based so it depends where you go and if you cross into another zone, but rides are generally $2-$3 in town, certainy no more than $5, say to get to the Canal and other outlying areas. The only pricey trip is from the airport, generally $30-$40! Get your hotel to pick you up if possible.
  • Water
    Generally safe inside Panama City, avoid elsewhere
  • Time Zone
    Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5h), no dayight savings time

Consider these tour companies for treks and advetures of all types:

Also don’t miss the Gehry Biodiversity Museum and the Parque Metropolitano.

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