Selecting an Inca Trail Tour Group for Machu Picchu

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inca photoI am currently in the process of trying to find a tour company to join for my Inca Trail hike when in Peru. I read a few articles online, including this one, about how to find a good company. I was told to book months in advance since the tickets (of which tere are only 500 per day for all companies) go pretty quickly. I compiled my list (see below) and started to email them to find out the costs and what the booking process is. A few of the companies got back to me right away and some have not responded at all.  I plan on just doing the 2 day hike, which is really a 1-day hike and the 2nd day is spent at Machu Picchu. Since I still have a minor back issue, I am concerned on a longer hike if I get part way through and have a problem, there is no ‘bus back to town’ – you have to just finish. If I am successful at the 2-day hike, I can see myself coming back and doing the longer routes. I will provide more detail on this 2-day hike in a later post.

These are the tour companies I have contacted so far:

I have noted when the company responded back to me within 48 hours. So far, I am waiting on the others response.

Note that these tour companies have many types of tours including alternate hikes to Machu Picchu and other archaelogical sites. They also have mountain biking, rafting, Amazon jungle tours and many other activities within and around Cusco. You are sure to find something that will inspire you.

Here are a few others I found in guidebooks but have not yet contacted:

I soon determined the biggest issue I have is that I am a solo traveler and may of the above companies require at least 2 people in order to have the trip. So I am concerened that if I pay in advance — a requirement for all of them– and no one else signs up for that day, I will be left without being able to hike the Inca Trail. I am not sure how to best handle this yet. I have not made any final decisions yet, and will probably try to reach out to other bloggers that have made this trip and get some more recommendations.

If anyone has any insight or tips, please leave a comment.

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  1. Avid Traveller says:

    I eventually chose Pachamama Tours and will be reporting back on my experiences.

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