Why I Love Bluebird by American Express

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I have been looking for an online bank ever since I have become more disappointed with my current bank. I have been killed by fees over the past year, and also realized I never need to go to the bank anymore – just to the ATM.

I looked at Ally and ING. They both looked pretty good but then I stumbled upon Bluebird in the store. It is a checking and debit card alternative from American Express and Walmart. You can pay bills online or via your smartphone (free), you can deposit a check by taking a photo of the check (free), move money to other bank accounts, and I can add money by going to any Walmart customer service or cashier.  Also, you never pay a surcharge fees at MoneyPass ATMs, including Money Center Express machines at Walmart (a $2 Amex network fee will apply unless you have Direct Deposit).

Another feature I like is the sub-account. You can use them to portion off your money either to set goal or for other people on the account, generally a good idea for teens and college students – when the sub-account is out of money, they will have to call you! You can actually set daily spending limits and get notification emails which is really handy.

My only issue right now is that I cannot use my Bluebird card outside of the USA. So I use a sub-account to save up for travel and can either move the money to my other bank a few days before I need it, or use my credit card for everything and then pay the card with Bluebird online. It doesn’t solve the issue of  getting cold hard cash overseas from the ATM  but I m one step closer to killing my fee-ridden brick & mortar bank.

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