How I Made an Extra $850 Last Month

How I Made an Extra $850 Last Month

Written by Avid Traveller

Topics: Finance

I have been looking for alternate sources of cash to store in my Bluebird travel fund. [I will post more about Bluebird shortly.] In the month of May I had 2 sources for a total of $850 added to my travel funds:

1) eBay = $450

While I am not a huge fan of eBay anymore (it is not worth the effort for the money received unless you have something truly valuable or unique) I did manage to auction off 6 items for a big total – even after the eBay and Paypal fees.

2) Small Business Consulting – PBX Installation = $400

I was able to install and configure an asterisk-based PBX for a medical office. They purchased all of the equipment and I setup the software and SIP trunking. I probably undercharged for this service but it was for a friend. I think a more realistic price is $750.

Anyway – that is a nice little unexpected chunk of change that has me motivated to find more ways to add to the coffer.

What ways do you use to earn some cash on the side?

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