Trip to Panama & Peru – Machu Picchu with photos

I recently used the Adobe Spark (previously Slate) to upload many of my photos from my 2015 trip to Panama and Peru and of Machu Picchu. This site allows you to easily create a very attractive magazine-style web page where you can tell a story, upload photos, videos, links, etc. It is a great way […]

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If you want to practice or learn a foreign language prior to your travel date, iTalki lets you speak over Skype to native speakers very inexpensively. Many are also good at teaching the local lingo and other nuances of the language you won’t always get from the standard audio courses. I practiced Spanish for about 6 […]

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Stuff I Usually Forget to Pack

Invariably I forget one or more of the following items when going on a trip. Maybe if I list them here I will remember next time: Sunglasses Pen (for customs forms and journaling) A charger for one of the electronic items I bring Sunscreen Vitamins Air pillow Which items do you typically forget?

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Money Exchange

The New Way to Exchange Money While on Travel

I recently stumbled upon the site WeSwap which uses a social/crowdsource methodology to help you exchange your currency while on travel and avoid the exorbitant exchange rate fees. Let’s say you want to change your Euros to Dollars before ehading back home from Italy. There will likely be someone who has dollars that is looking for […]

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How to Get a Quote for Travel Insurance

I recently used the site SquareMouth to get a quote for a single trip insurance quote. Squaremouth is similar to other insurance portals for auto, life, and health insurance that go out and compare 19 insurance providers available plans to get you the best match – only they focus on travel insurance. The single trip […]

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How to Save $2000 on Travel

I recently added up the money I saved on my upcoming trip to Panama and Peru using rewards points. You can read the whole story on the Frugal Travel Guy blog where I have the honor of a guest post. I saved money on accommodations using the Chase Marriott Rewards card. I already had quite a few points […]

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Money Safety Tips when Traveling

A Fool and His Money – How to Keep Your Cash Safe When Traveling

When you are on travel it is convenient to always have some local currency (as well as dollars) available, since many places may not take a credit card, or will charge a fee for using one. Cash is useful for hailing a taxi, grabbing some street food or a nice cup of coffee at a […]

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